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Whitmire, Jackson Lee clash in heated Houston mayoral debate

The race for mayor of Houston is heating up as Texas State Sen. John Whitmire and U.S. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee battled it out Monday night over hot-button issues critical to city voters. The heated debate hosted by FOX 26 marked the first Houston mayoral forum since neither candidate reached the 50 percent majority vote required to secure the seat.

In the mayoral election held November 7, Whitmire secured nearly 43 percent of the vote, while Jackson Lee received almost 36 percent. With

Houston ISD parents, teachers beg state board to end takeover

Houston teachers, parents and community members went to the Capitol on Wednesday to protest the state takeover of Texas' largest school district – but were snubbed by the Texas Education Commissioner Mike Morath, who left the meeting before the group had a chance to talk.

The Wednesday meeting began with Commissioner Morath presenting a special education resource program and guidance for teachers and parents and answering questions from the elected board. He left the meeting at the end of his p

Houston voters just overwhelmingly approved 3 major propositions

Based on county election results, Houston-area voters approved three local propositions Tuesday, with all three proposals impacting city rules, health care and proportional representation on a regional planning group. Here's everything you need to know about the three proposals.

Sixty-five percent of Houstonians voted to approve Proposition B, compelling the city to negotiate for proportional representation on the Houston-Galveston Area Council, a 13-county group allocating funding for local pr

Rice U suspends campus parties after 'underwear party' fiasco

Rice University officials announced Thursday that all on-campus public parties are canceled through Spring Break after officials had to abruptly end an annual underwear-themed party Saturday resulting in seven students being hospitalized for intoxication and 24 others being medically treated on campus.

According to a letter sent by Dean of Undergraduate Students Bridget Gorman, Saturday's "Night of Decadence" party ended two hours into the function due to an “alarming rate" of intoxicated stude

Sheila Jackson Lee blames opponents for leaking nasty recording

“This is a low-handed political tactic meant to discredit a thriving mayoral campaign and distract voters ahead of the early voting period,” Jackson Lee’s campaign said in its statement to the Houston Chronicle. “It’s unsurprising that these attacks have originated from extremely conservative blogs and political operatives backing John Whitmire.”

A spokesperson for Whitmire says "we know nothing about it other than what everybody else does," Sue Davis told the Houston Chronicle. "And to try to

Welcome to the Jaiye Room, where the only rule is to move

To them, it seemed like lavish clothes, bottle service, and people showing off their extravagant lifestyles had become more of a priority when going out instead of just having a good time. After witnessing expressive unapologetic dance spaces in other parts of the U.S. and overseas, they believed it was their time to create a space in their hometown that left materialism and outward appearances at the door.

"A dance space, whether it's a club or party, is very integral for a community,” Ohalete

How a Houston-area custodian became the soul of Spring ISD

At Carl Wunsche Sr. High School in Spring ISD, 61-year-old Patrick Francis is known around the campus as the glue to the community—a magnetic and reassuring presence for students and staff alike. One of the first things I noticed as I watched "Mr. Patrick" go about his workday was he bought one student a drink for lunch simply because "he wanted it." In his own words, if he has a dollar, he will give it.

"It's all about choices. I don't have to, but I do," he said. "So when I do something, I do

HISD teacher salaries will now be determined by subject

Over the weekend, Houston Independent School District revealed the salary table for educators operating under the district's New Education System School model, including breakdowns of differentiated average pay per employee based on subject matter and grade level. The new pay salary scale differs from previous ones implemented in the district.

Since being appointed by the Texas Education Agency on June 1, Superintendent Mike Miles initially said NES teachers would make an average salary of $85,

Houston is vastly underrepresented on this Texas council. Here's why it matters.

After months of knocking on doors and canvassing residents around the city, Fair for Houston organizers submitted over 23,000 signatures from Houston voters on Wednesday—an effort they hope will lead to dramatic changes in the city's ability to secure federal funding and determine its future. The group's grassroots efforts mark the first step toward their push for equitable representation on the Houston-Galveston Area Council, which manages federal and state funds for local projects.

Here's eve